Is SEO Still Relevant in Houston 2018?

Is SEO Still Relevant in Houston 2018?

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The world of online marketing has changed a lot since the dawn of the Internet, indeed it has changed a lot just in the last couple of years. Every year, you will see headlines in the main search marketing blogs that say “SEO is dead, long live SEO”. That exact headline crops up so often that a cynical reader could be forgiven for thinking that the bloggers simply recycle the same articles year in, year out.

The articles are asking a reasonable question, though – is SEO still relevant in the modern era? I would say, yes it is.

Really, we are asking the wrong questions – search engines are a vital part of how we interact with the web. So, rather than asking ‘is SEO still relevant in the modern web’, we should be asking ‘how does SEO work now?’ – because it’s true that the way SEO works have changed like Prime Houston- You Tube Video


The tactics that used to work no longer do. The things that we used to do to market websites – buying links, keyword stuffing, automated directory submissions, etc – are not what we should be doing to grow our web presence. SEO today is far more sophisticated than it used to be.

The old guard of SEO experts like-prime Houston SEO figured out how to game the early search algorithms, and this created an arms race where the search engines became increasingly sophisticated, and the SEO experts themselves started doing more and more complicated and clever things to try to rank higher. Now, the search engines still have not achieved perfection, but they have reached a stage where trying to write and develop ‘for the search engines’ is less productive long term than simply producing great content for the reader.

This does not mean that SEO  is irrelevant. Indeed, if you develop a site that is made with Google’s guidelines in mind then you will end up with a site that performs well for the average visitor too. A lot of Google’s recommendations are ones that are made with accessibility, performance, and content quality in mind because Google wants users to feel confident that if they search for information on their search engine, they will get sent to a site that is functional, quick to load, and accurate. If Google provided bad results, and Bing provided helpful results, then people would start using Bing instead.

So, what can you do as a website owner? Well, you should put the user first. That’s not to say that you should forget about SEO, but see the user first model as a route towards successful SEO because that’s what it is. When you focus on pleasing your users, you will end up with a site that runs better, looks better, and has a higher conversion rate too – and at the end of the day isn’t that what every business owner wants?

SEO still matters. The only thing that is changed is how we approach developing our online stores.

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